buildingOne of our major competitors was quoted as saying "If plastic Revolutions gets one of your accounts, you will never get it back."

This is a testament to our exceptional integrity, service and business attitude. We are a full-service plastic recycler which will tailor our business to your needs. We come to work every day with our first thoughts being: "how can we improve service to help our customers and ourselves and reduce our carbon footprint to help the world?"

We offer the following:
bullet On site certified truck scale
bullet Buy all types of plastic scrap
bullet Excellent pickup and delivery service
bullet Grind, wash or pelletize your material to return to you for reuse
bullet Sell clean regrinds washed and dried or pelletized
bullet We have special equipment to pelletize HDPE high molecular weight material with a very low melt flow index
bullet We maintain inventory spreadsheets for our major customers to facilitate inventory accounting
bullet We can ship and receive 24 hours a day, 7 days per week - we never close
bullet We offer free consulting to help companies establish or improve in-house recycling

Our exceptional customer service does not change with up and down markets. It is in our mind-set and stays that way. Our business has grown 10 fold over the last decade. We managed this growth in a manner that increased the quality of our customer service.

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