Size Reduction / Granulation

We use Rotary shredders' and downstream granulators to granulate scrap plastic down to 3/8 inch size. We can granulate large parts such as Drum, IBC totes, Pallets, Trays, and smaller items such as bottle caps, bottles and sheet. Our Granulators are conveyor feed through concrete walls for maximum hearing protection of our employees. bins

Washing and Drying

We use our own unique washing and drying technology employing sink float, friction washing and tumble drying to produce a clean dry regrind for reuse by our customers.


We use state of the extrusion lines to melt, filter and pelletize granulated material. 

Blending / Compounding

We have State of the art blenders to custom compound different recycled materials to enhance properties such as ESCR, IZOD and Viscosity.

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