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Company History
Plastic Revolutions was founded in 1991, as a company that designed, and built processing equipment for the rapidly growing plastic recycling industry. We continue to work with the machinery today, but our primary focus is on grinding, washing, and pelletizing plastic. We felt that the profit potential was greater for processors, rather than for machinery manufacturers. Our company has invested significantly over the years in long-term capital improvements to be more vertically integrated to optimize our capabilities, and future business opportunities.

In 2002 we hired an outside sales and purchasing professional to help us procure recyclable plastics, in the northeast, and to help us increase the sales of our plastic "Safety Stops".


We are here for you and the environment. With our worldwide contacts, we can help you free up valuable warehouse space, while improving your cashflow.

We are connected to numerous public-private joint ventures solely to promote education and proper environmental management. Today's consumers want to know that the products they buy are made by manufacturers that care about the environment.

We encourage you to contact us today for more information on how to convert your plastic waste to profit.


Mission Statement

We truly believe in our motto, "Recycling for our global future."

We encourage sustainable economic growth, while safeguarding a high quality of life, and our natural heritage.

We believe in innovative solutions to current problems.

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