We have a reclaim extrusion line specifically designed to run high molecular weight HDPE. We have the following HDPE HMW grades available in pellet form on a continuous basis:

bullet HLMI 9-12 MFI dunnage grade pellets
bullet HLMI 4-9 MFI drum grade pellets
bullet HLMI 4 -9 MFI IBC tote grade (high ESCR) pellets

We also pelletize and sell HDPE bottle and injection grades of recycled material. In addition to the above we have the following material washed, dried and packaged in suitable gaylords available on a continuous basis:

bullet PP regrinds trident
bullet HDPE injection grade regrind
bullet HDPE post consumer bottle grade regrind
bullet HDPE and LDPE post industrial grade regrind
bullet PS regrind
bullet LDPE film in bales
bullet PP bale wrap
bullet PET regrind and strapping, baled and boxed

The above list is not all inclusive and changes almost daily. Please contact one of the following sales professionals to purchase from Plastic Revolutions.

Emily Kelly
(410) 215-2780
Ed Handy
(336) 637-1408

Tim Chitwood
(336) 349-2800 Extension 1407
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